About Price-Driscoll Corporation

Company History

Founded in 1946 by Robert Barth, the Price-Driscoll Corporation was born out of the need for a better mold release. Early mold releases were either zinc stearate flailed around the mold or melted carnauba wax dispersed by a blast of compressed air. Robert had the need and the entrepreneurial desire to make a more refined and sophisticated solution.

Silicone oil had just been developed and Robert found that it possessed many release characteristics superior to zinc stearate and wax. Along with Freon 12 as a propellant and Freon 11 as the solvent, Robert packaged the three components in low pressure aerosol cans and fathered the aerosol mold release industry as we know it today.

He incorporated Price-Driscoll Corporation in 1947, and was granted an original use patent in recognition of his pioneering effort. The aerosol method of applying a finely atomized ultra thin and homogenous coating to a mold was a new and innovative concept. He called his product "Bomb-Lube" and in early 1950 Bob wrote the Bomb-Lube Handbook to explain the function and use of the new concept.

In common with many entrepreneurial start ups, he stocked product in the basement of his house until 1961 when Price-Driscoll Corporation moved to a manufacturing facility in Farmingdale, NY. Its product line grew from three to 16 products, each product specifically created for a generic family of plastics. This concept was achieved through actual molding trials on a specially instrumented, in-house molding machine.

In 1977, Robert's son Philip was invited to join the company and assume the general management of the company. In 1988 he became president and upon Robert's death, acquired full ownership.

In response to the phase-out of CFCs and the curtailed use of HCFCs, Philip foresaw the need for physical expansion and added versatility. To this end, Price-Driscoll Corporation relocated to a twenty acre wooded site in Southeastern CT. The new building offers 12,000 square feet of office space, production area, storage for inventory, a formulating laboratory and a shipping department. There is also a 6,000 square foot, high volume warehouse and nine high-pressure propellant and solvent tanks with a total volume of nearly 50,000 gallons.

This clean, modern, state-of-the-art facility offers the Price-Driscoll Corporation versatility to handle all the commercially available propellants and solvents to meet customer needs in a timely, effective and service orientated manner.

Environmental Care

Historically, Price-Driscoll Corporation has taken great pride in providing state-of-the-art mold releases at economical prices while addressing both environmental and worker safety concerns. During the last two decades, the Clean Air Act has outlawed many non-flammable chemicals due to environmental concerns such as ozone depletion. Even with the limitations imposed upon the mold release industry, Price-Driscoll Corporation has continually been able to find a balance between environmental compliance and safety concerns.

Most recently, the phase-out of a popular Class II Ozone Depleting Substance called 141b resulted in more diverse, more environmentally responsible products for our customers. We have replaced this solvent with an EPA sanctioned, non-flammable solvent. Additionally, to address plastics compatibility concerns, we also offer a non-flammable, solvent-less line of products to meet the needs of customers molding with solvent-sensitive plastics.

While other companies use the clean air act as an excuse to limit their product choice to customers, we seize the opportunity to rise to the challenge and meet environmental concerns without sacrificing product diversity, performance, economy, or worker safety.

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