Clean-It #14
Non-Flammable Cleaner for Hot Molds

Non-Flammable #14 is a penetrating cleaner for safe “on-line” work on hot molds. #14 is a strong blend of solvents designed to remove excess release agent, grime and contaminants that affect molded part surface finish and appearance.
Available in aerosol.


Spectrum Mold Releases & Cleaners

The Spectrum family of mold releases and cleaners represent Price-Driscoll’s most economical and complete line of molding solutions. It includes a wide range of material specific releases as well as cleaning and maintenance products suitable for most uses. Spectrum releases can also be custom formulated to match your specific requirements.

All Spectrum releases are heavy-duty, environmentally responsible and safe for shipping, storage and daily usage.

Spectrum Features and Benefits

  • Heavy Duty concentration allows more releases per application.
  • Fast solvent evaporation yields faster molding cycles for more efficient production.
  • Worker safe and EPA compliant.
  • Releases are available in a wide variety of formulations to meet all molding needs.
  • Spectrum Cleaners are temperature specific to meet the needs of the machine operator as well as the tool room.
  • Most are Level I aerosols for economical shipping and easy convenient storage.
Product Line


Aerosol can size

16 ounce

Cans per case


Shipping weight

17 pounds


Removes excess release agent, grime and contaminants

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